RR Newsletter 2/9



Surprise! We're Digging Through Trash. Again.

Last Friday, we had our very first Sorting Event of the year! We collected some insightful data on the waste being tossed in NYU's Silver Academic Center lounges that will be added to our data treasure trove of the past two years. This database serves as the first of many to come that can be used to investigate waste habits and flows at universities and beyond! To learn more, visit our website.

Here are some results from today's research:
If you've had a great time sorting before, or you missed us this time, join us for our next public sorting at NYU on Friday, February 24th!

And don't forget to tell your friends and acquaintances and strangers on the street about your experience too!
Many thanks to our sorting champions, as always! 
The RR team has been hard at work...
We're Building an App!
In the near future, Return Recycling's rad waste characterization process will be made easy and accessible for anyone and everyone interested in seeing what's in their school's trash.
Stay tuned, or ask us for more info!
We're Designing Bins V2.0!
Do you have electrical or computer engineering experience, or know a friend who does? Join our design team to craft the ultimate smart trash bin and put those killer skills to use. Hit us up if you're interested!
We're Fundraising!
Chip in and share the love to help us get up and running.