SO PROUD to announce today's kick-off of Trash Freeway!

Today marks the first day of an epic road trip across the U.S. Why so epic? Because Trash Freeway, a group of three recent college graduates, is not only biking across the country, but is also taking the trip as an opportunity to ask questions, learn, and think about people’s trash from all around the U.S.

Naomi, Jaime and Rane are three young vegans determined to inspect and decipher the ways in which people from all over the country produce, handle, and conceive of their waste (specifically, food waste). In the process, they plan to themselves leave a no-trash trail - that is, to consume food and other supplies as consciously as possible in order to minimize the amount of waste produced throughout their trip.

We are so excited to hear all about their adventures and discoveries as they interview community members all across their thousands-of-miles route. If we’re lucky, these busy bees may even give in to a mini-interview at some point along the way!

To stay tuned with Trash Freeway, check out their website (, where you can find more info about them, their route, and their experiences, including their individual blogs! Can’t wait to hear more from them!