The Streams

What belongs in each section of a Return Recycling bin? Choose one to discover.

"Only styrofoam. Seriously."

Nuances: Waxy paper belongs in Landfill, such as pastry wrappers, pastry bags, and wax-lined coffee cups.

"Everything but styrofoam, liquids, and food."

Nuances: Paper that's more than 5% wet, greasy, or covered in food should go in Compost. Waxy paper belongs in Landfill.

"Food? Wood? Good."

Nuances: Tea bags, wet or dirty paper, dirty tissues, and plant clippings are all compostable. Organic or compostable plastics are also best composted.

"Exactly what you think."
Nuances: Thicker liquids like yogurt, smoothies, and sauces should go into Compost. Ice belongs here, just leave room for it to melt.