All businesses, no matter the size, are vital members of the global economy and therefore the global environment. That also means they have the unique opportunity to make important decisions about sourcing, sales, and business practices that will improve our world's environmental and cultural well-being.  

Does your company do business with a college or university? Do you want to make an impact with your products, or market yourself as a socially and  environmentally conscious business? Team up with us!

Become a Sorting Sponsor

If there are students or staff at a school near you that are conducting waste audits in partnership with Return Recycling, you have the opportunity to support their endeavors, while also furthering the presence of your brand on campus. By becoming a sorting sponsor, you provide the group with the funds or resources necessary to conduct the audit and effectively deliver the results to their university. By encouraging student action on waste, you are both furthering the success of sustainable initiatives in your area, as well as building a strong community network around responsible consumption.

If you're interested in learning more about sponsoring a sorting or student efforts near your business, shoot us an email!

Audit Your Waste

Knowing your own waste is just as vital as schools knowing theirs. If you do business with a college or university, you are eligible for Return Recycling's waste audit contracting services. Like most waste auditors, we will conduct occasional waste audits at your business to identify general rates of diversion-from-landfill and associated waste hauling costs. Unlike most waste auditors, however, our services also give you integrated, itemized data analytics about your waste streams, as well as customized recommendations for next steps towards making your business more responsible and efficient.

To learn more about our contracting services, email our team!

Other Ways to Make Change

  1. Buy responsibly!

    Take a bit of time to develop an ethical and environmental purchasing guide for your business to follow. Responsible waste systems must address pre-consumption waste in addition to dealing with post-consumption. Think about what sorts of materials and goods are commonly purchased for your business, and how they could be swapped out.
  2. Partner up on events!

    Even if it's not a waste audit that students or staff from schools near you are conducting, there are many ways for your business to get involved and support the work that's being done there. By contributing to the planning and funding of waste-related events on campus, you'll be able to build a name for your business that students will recognize and appreciate.