The Design

What makes our bins special?

Our bins are built as sustainably as possible. The primary material, bamboo, is one of the fastest-growing materials in the world, which means it's easily replenished.

It's also strong, durable, and light-weight, allowing our bins to be beautiful and functional long into the future.

Our custom-designed signage includes not only which section you should put your trash in, but also shows you valuable data on what was put in that very bin last week, and how you and your peers can do better this time.

Plus, the plexiglass sections let you see first-hand how your peers are doing with their own trash, and give you even more of an idea of where to toss your garbage.

In addition to your average set-up with landfill and recycling, our bins also include a compost section and a section for liquid waste, which includes things like coffee and juice.

Separating out your liquids cuts down on the weight and contamination of the other sections, which saves money, labor, and the recyclable value of items like clean white paper.